Analyst Briefings and Investor Presentations

Disclosure and Transparency
The Bank is committed to a high standard of disclosure and transparency to facilitate an understanding of the Bank’s financial condition, operations and corporate governance systems. The Bank believes all material information about its financial condition and operations is disclosed in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. In addition to compliance with reporting requirements, such as the publication of quarterly financial statements and presentation of a comprehensive annual report for the Bank’s annual stockholders meeting, the Bank promptly discloses major and market-sensitive information, including but not limited to dividend declarations, joint ventures and acquisitions, sale and disposition of significant assets, and financial and non-financial information that may affect or influence an investor’s investment decision. The Bank also electronically files its disclosures through Electronic Disclosure Generation Technology (EDGE) which are then made available publicly on the PSE’s website. The Bank’s corporate website is likewise regularly updated to include the latest news and information about the Bank.

Company Disclosures

Quarterly IR Presentations to Analysts/Investor Meetings