Your transactions are just a phone call away with Chinabank TellerPhone

Just pick up your phone and you can:

  • Check balance
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Inquire on your last 3 transactions
  • Block your lost/stolen card
  • Inquire on Chinabank products and services
  • Request transaction history and statement of account
  • Request for a checkbook

Speak to our Phone Bankers

Fill out the application for TellerCard/TellerPhone Account Form at your branch of account and present a valid ID.

For Individual Clients: You can access your TELLERPHONE account by entering you 12-digit TellerCard number followed by the 4-digit TELLERPHONE PIN (TPIN). 


For Non-individual Clients: The company‚Äôs authorized representative can access the TELLERPHONE account through the 11-digit TELLERPHONE Access Number (TAN). Also, a 4-digit TELLERPHONE Personal Identification Number (TPIN) is required to authenticate the TAN. 

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