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Affordable Downpayment

Loan up to 80% of the vehicle's selling price if Brand New or 70% of the appraised value if pre-owned.

Low Interest Rates

Monthly payments are easy on the pocket with our low interest rates.

Easy Payment Options

Make payments easy via auto debit arrangement or post-dated checks.

Four to-dos to gauge your car loan readiness

Commuting to and from work can be such a hassle,not enough public transportation, long lines at the bus or MRT station, steep Grab/cab fare during rush hour. The road situation is so back to normal that you wish you have a car. Even if traffic is bad, at least you'll be comfy behind the wheel, listening to your favorite music.

Not everyone can pay for the full price of a vehicle upfront. Good thing there are financing options available. Tired of jostling for space inside the MRT? Maybe you can get a car loan! Do these four simple things to know for sure if you are ready for a car loan...

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Five tips for awesome road trips

Clear blue skies, wide open roads, and no more restrictions for domestic travel, it's time for a summer road trip for some bonding time with family and friends and to give the local tourism industry a much needed boost after the long pandemic slump. But before you get all excited about packing your bags and hitting the road, here are some tips for a memorable trip and a fun summer.

1. Plan your destination and route

One of the things that can help you avoid traffic and crowds is to plan your route ahead of time. Finding the ideal summer destination is as simple as it can be in today's digital age. With Google, you can always search for..

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Five things to consider when buying your first car

Learning to drive and getting your driver's license are very exciting, but buying your first car is a different kind of thrill. There's a sense of accomplishment and freedom in having your very own wheels. Like all big financial decisions, buying a vehicle takes some mulling over. Ask yourself these five things before you make your first ever car purchase:

Do I really need a car?

This is something you should seriously consider, especially with the rising fuel cost. Vehicles are expensive to buy and maintain...

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