Sustainability at China Bank

China Bank is committed to sustainability. We conduct our business responsibly, working with and for our stakeholders to build a better tomorrow for everyone. 

Sustainability Approach

In line with our mission to be a leading provider of financial products and services to institutions, entrepreneurs, and individuals to meet their financial needs and rising expectations, we are progressively integrating sustainability principles in the way we do business. Our philosophy on sustainability is to be able to meet the current needs of our stakeholders and the Bank without compromising the needs of future generations, as well as to ensure the protection of human rights. Our value creation activities are underpinned by our sustainability goals of corporate citizenship, customer satisfaction, strong stakeholder relationships, business integrity, and employee success.

Corporate Citizenship

Be a responsible corporate citizen and a trustworthy partner in building a sustainable future for all.

Purpose Beyond Profit

Good business goes beyond achieving financial targets and providing good shareholder returns. As we work hard to grow our business, we also take to heart our environmental and social responsibilities to ensure that our value creation activities would help build a sustainable future for all. 

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver exceptional service and provide convenient access to fair and affordable financial solutions to help our customers achieve their financial goals at any life stage.  

Meeting Expectations  

Our customers’ success is our business. Thus, we are driven to deliver exceptional service to meet the needs and expectations of our diverse customers. 

Strong Stakeholders Relationship

Build strong relationships by protecting stakeholders’ rights and by responding to their needs and concerns. 

Protecting Stakeholders’ Rights  

At China Bank, we value our stakeholders and we are committed to earn and maintain their trust. Amid the challenges of the pandemic and the evolving business landscape, we continue to protect our stakeholders’ interests and rights by ensuring the security of transactions, understanding their concerns, and providing excellent service. 

Business Integrity

Uphold high ethical standards to sustain stakeholders’ trust and confidence. 

Upholding strong governance  

At China Bank, good corporate governance is the cornerstone of our business and a necessary component of what constitutes sound strategic business management. Our governance practices are guided by the principles of fairness, accountability, integrity, and transparency. The Board of Directors sets the tone for China Bank’s governance beyond compliance and alignment with best practices. 

Employee Success

Ensure our employees are engaged, fairly compensated, and provided with opportunities to reach their full potential. 

Ensuring talent management and well-being  

China Bank’s strength and resilience through the years are largely because of our partners in success—China Bankers. We take good care of our employees, treating them fairly and equally, helping them reach their full potential, and building a good working environment to drive productivity and earn their loyalty. 

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