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You have to settle at least six (6) months amortization for it to be considered as a partial payment and applied to the principal balance on the anniversary due date.
 Instruction or advice on this must be sent 2-3 banking days before the payment date via email thru cbgclientservicing@chinabank.ph
The revised amortization schedule will be sent to you within 1-3 banking days after the application of payment.

No pre-payment penalties for availments under HomePlus Loan. 

Yes. You may pay the loan at any time at your option. 

Kindly note that payment must fall on a banking day. In order to do so, you may request for a Statement of Account (SOA) at cbgclientservicing@chinabank.ph

Once confirmed, you may settle the exact amount on your advised payment date via Over-the-Counter or via Authorization to Debit. 

You may contact our China Bank Hotline at (632) 888-55-888 or email us at cbgclientservicing@chinabank.ph to update your details.

You may directly send your queries to cbgclientservicing@chinabank.ph or through our China Bank Hotline at (632) 888-55-888 for Head Office Accounts.

For provincial accounts, you may also contact us thru our Consumer Loans Centers

You may settle your premium payments via Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) on a China Bank Deposit Account. 

Your amortization schedule and signed HomePlus Loan documents will be available within 10 banking days of the loan proceeds being released.

Yes, you may contact our China Bank Hotline at (632) 888-55-888 or email us at cbgclientservicing@chinabank.ph to inquire.

Here's a table of our post-booking fees and charges:

Bank Certification | Fees

Certificate of Full Payment | PHP 100.00
Certificate of Outstanding Balance | PHP 100.00
Certificate of Principal and/or Interest paid (with or without Outstanding Balance) | PHP 200.00
Payment History | PHP 200.00
Certificate of Possession of title with photocopy of title | PHP 300.00
Certificate of Possession of title without photocopy of title | PHP 200.00
Certified True copy of Cancellation of Real Estate/Chattel Mortgage form
Certified True copy of PN/DS, Real Estate Mortgage title & PN with Chattel Mortgage | PHP 200.00 per document

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