In choosing a UITF, you should consider these: 

  • Investment Objective - What do you want to achieve by making the investment?  Is it income or capital growth? 
  • Risk Profile - How much risk are you willing to take ?
  • Investment Capacity - How much of your money is available for investment?
  • Investment Horizon - How long can you stay invested in the fund? 

The Client Suitability Assessment (CSA) will help you understand the type of investor you are—whether you are a Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive investor—and enable us to recommend the China Bank UITF or UITFs most suitable for you.

Our UITF Marketing Personnel/Certified UITF Sales Person will help you determine these. Should you want to do a self-assessment, you may try and answer the CSA by clicking here. 

After setting your financial goals and understanding your risk profile, you can visit the China Bank branch nearest you to open an account. 

Our UITF Marketing Personnel/Certified UITF Sales Person will help determine the suitable UITF variant for you and assist you with the account opening requirements. 

When you invest in a China Bank UITF, we will provide you with the following: 

  1. Omnibus Participating Trust Agreement 
  2. Risk Disclosure Statement 
  3. Subscription Advice 

The Subscription Advice provides the UITF variant you selected to invest in, the amount of your investment, the NAVPu on the date of subscription (participation), and the corresponding number of units that you own.  

You earn when the NAVPu at the time of redemption (withdrawal) is greater than the NAVPu at the time of subscription (participation). Thus, the higher the difference, the higher your earnings. To determine your gains/losses, simply subtract the NAVPu on subscription date from the NAVPu on redemption date and multiply it by the number of units that you own. 


Investment: P100,000.00
Participation date: April 28, 2021 
NAVPu on participation date: P1.054585 
Units purchased: 94,824.030306 

Redemption date: May 28, 2021 
NAVPu on redemption date: P1.087269 
No. of days lapsed: 30 days
P1.087269 - P1.054585 = P0.032684 x 94,824.030306 units 
Gain on Php100K investment after 30 days: P3,099.23 

The amount earned during the 30-day period may be converted into a percentage return by simply dividing the difference with the NAVPu on participation date: 
P0.0326849 / P1.054585 
Absolute Percentage Return: 3.10% 

No, the returns or yields on UITF investments are variable and cannot be guaranteed by any bank or trust institution offering the UITFs. 

UITFs are subject to the mark-to-market valuation method and the NAVPu may fluctuate depending on the volatility of the market. Historical performance may provide an indication of how well a UITF is managed, but this is not a guarantee of future performance. 

UITFs are also not insured or governed by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). 

Although returns on UITF investments cannot be guaranteed, UITF investors have control over when to realize gains or avoid losses. Note that mark-to-market gains or losses remain as paper gains or losses unless an actual redemption is made.

You may view the historical NAVPu or check the Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statement (KIIDS) posted in each of the UITF's designated page in this website for more detailed information. 

You can also find information about the return on investment of all the available UITFs in the market at www.UITF.com.ph 

Although we cannot guarantee similar future results, China Bank’s historical performance shows our track record of outperforming our benchmarks and providing returns that correspond to the risks that our UITF investors have taken. 

You may download our Mobile App and enroll your UITF account. Please visit our Mobile App-UITF pages to learn more. 

Please visit our Mobile App-UITF FAQ pages to learn more. 

Taxes, when due, are already deducted when computing the NAVPu. So when you redeem your UITF investment, the proceeds are already net of taxes. 

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