Easily get cash from any Chinabank ATM even without an ATM card

Make a cardless withdrawal NOW with Chinabank Mobile App

  • Get cash from your account quickly, even without an ATM card
  • Transact anytime and withdraw from the nearest Chinabank ATM
  • Withdraw a maximum of P20,000 daily


1. Select “Pay or Transfer” from the post-login menu
2. Select “To Me”, then choose “Emergency Cash (NOW)”
3. Tap on “Send Emergency Cash”
4. Select your account and enter the amount you wish to withdraw*
    Note: The amount should be in multiples of P100 
5. Review your transaction details and tap “Confirm”
6. Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) send to your registered mobile number
A confirmation message will be displayed. A transaction reference number will be sent to your registered
mobile number. Take note of the reference number as this will be needed for your ATM withdrawal.
You have 24 hours to withdraw the funds from any Chinabank ATM.

  1. At any CBC ATM, press "Enter" key to enable cardless transactions and select NOW (No card On Withdrawal).
  2. Enter NOW (Emergency Cash) Reference Number and select "Correct".
  3. Enter the One-Time PIN (SMS) received on your mobile phone.
  4. Get the cash and receipt from the ATM.

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