Frequently Asked Questions

Cash NOW

Php 10 fee per withdrawal will be deducted from your source account. 

Peso Deposit ATM and Cash Card Accounts are eligible for NOW transactions. 

You can withdraw a minimum of Php100 and a maximum of Php 20,000 in a day. 

The transaction is valid for 24 hours. 

For NOW, you can make two (2) transactions per day, except when you have already withdrawn Php 20,000 in your first transaction. 

Yes, you can cancel your NOW transaction anytime. From the list of your NOW transactions, swipe left on the chosen transaction and click on Cancel. Confirm by entering the OTP you will receive. Take note that when you cancel your transaction, the service fee will not be refunded. 

SMS notification will be sent to your registered mobile number when your NOW transaction is successful. You may also check the status of your transaction from the list of created NOW transactions. 

For Cancelled, Failed, and Expired transactions, the transaction amount will be automatically reversed. However, the transaction fees will not be reversed or refunded. In case the transaction amount was not reversed, you may contact our Customer Contact Center at (632) 885-5888. 

For NOW transactions, you have four (4) attempts to withdraw or transfer the amount. After four (4) invalid attempts, the status of the transaction will be “Failed”, and the transaction amount will be automatically credited back to your account. However, the transaction fee will not be reversed or refunded. 

Yes, your ATM Card daily withdrawal limit of Php 20,000 is different from your NOW daily limit of Php20,000.00. 

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