Finding the right UITF for you

What type of investor are you?

Finding the right investment may be a challenge when you are not very familiar with investment products that suit your lifestyle. Are you a first-time investor? Can’t decide where to invest? Where do you want to grow your extra funds? While thinking about your answers to these questions, identifying your risk profile is the first step in deciding the right UITF for you!

First, ask yourself, what would be the primary goal of the investment? Is it to protect your capital? Or to generate income? Next, you must determine how long you plan to keep the funds invested. Is it six months, one year, five years or longer? Lastly, are you a type of investor who is a risk taker or an investor who doesn’t want to take risks at all? Can you soundly sleep at night knowing that the value of your investment can be higher or lower than its original value? 

While these are just some questions to consider in understanding your risk profile, below are the three risk profiles that you may be classified into. 

What kind of investor are you?

  • Conservative
    You do not want to take any investment risks, the goal is to protect your capital and; you prefer products with zero to low fluctuations.

  • Moderate
    You are prepared to accept a moderate level of risk and volatility, prefer a diversified portfolio for protection from inflation and are focused on possible gains and losses in making a financial decision.

  • Aggressive
    You have a high-level of knowledge and experience in investing, willing to accept high-levels of volatility and are interested in capital growth and accumulating wealth.

By answering our Client Suitability Assessment form, we will identify what kind of investor you are and help you find the perfect UITF suitable for you!

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