General Inquiry


Here are the following sending options available:

  • Credit to a China Bank Account
  • Credit to other Philippine bank account
  • Cash Delivery
  • Cash Pick-up

Depending on the mode of your remittance, your receiver will receive the remittance within 24 hours of your sending. Through China Bank partners with direct integrations, remittances can be received in matter of seconds.

Yes! Your receiver will receive an SMS notification once the remittance is already available for pick-up. 

No. There’s no additional fee to be paid at the counters of our cash pick-up partners. 

The transaction fee varies depending on the remittance partner and the remittance service you are availing. If you are transacting over the counter, you may ask the teller before sending money. If you are transacting using online channels or mobile applications, fees are usually indicated in our partner’s website or mobile application. 

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