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You may settle your monthly amortization payments via Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) on a China Bank Deposit Account.

Yes, insurance is a requirement in availing a HomePlus loan. In case of death or damage to property, insurance provides financial support and protection to the borrower and his family.

  • Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI), which is a yearly renewable group credit life insurance policy purchased by the borrower to compensate and repay the remaining loan balance if the borrower passes away before the loan matures.
  • Property Insurance, which is a hybrid insurance policy that protects properties such as, but not limited to, houses, townhouses, and condominiums from financial loss caused by fire, accidents, and natural disasters.
  • Contractors' All Risks Insurance (CARI), which is intended to protect construction projects from loss due to fire, accidents, natural disasters, and damage to machinery and equipment on the job site, as well as third-party liability.

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