Chinabank UITFs win Best Managed Fund awards

Chinabank was again recognized for two of its unit investment trust funds (UITFs) that delivered the highest risk-adjusted returns among 86 funds from 16 investment houses and trust Institutions in the Philippines.

Chinabank Dollar Fund and Chinabank Intermediate Fixed-Income Fund were lauded as the Best Managed Funds in their respective categories at the 2023 Best Managed Funds of the Year Awards of the CFA Society Philippines, held virtually on August 10, 2023.

This is the 7th time that Chinabank Dollar Fund has bested other funds in the Long-Term Bond (Dollar FVPL) category, first earning the distinction in 2016.  For Chinabank Intermediate Fixed-Income Fund, this is its second consecutive win in the Medium-Term Bond (Peso FVPL) category.  Long-term bond refers to funds using pure FVPL or fair value through profit or loss valuation, with maturity duration greater than five years, while medium-term bond refers to funds using FVPL valuation but with maturity duration of up to five years.

Chinabank Balanced Fund was also named Best Managed Fund in the Balanced Fund Peso category in 2018. 

“As technology makes investing easier and more accessible, we redouble our efforts to consistently deliver good returns and value to investors,” said China Bank Trust Officer Mary Ann T. Lim.

Chinabank offers eleven UITF products designed to match a range of investor risk tolerance and investment time horizon.  The minimum investment is P5,000 for the peso-denominated UITFs and US$500 for the dollar variants. Investors can use the Chinabank Mobile App to conveniently manage their UITF portfolio—add existing China Bank UITFs, subscribe to new units, redeem their investments, and more. 

The Best Managed Fund of the Year Awards recognize high-performing funds open to retail investors, based on their risk-adjusted returns. Chinabank has garnered a total of 10 Best Managed Fund awards since CFA Society Philippines started this awards program in 2016.