Chinabank leverages Generative AI, launches CHIB GPT to boost employee productivity

Chinabank has rolled out its first generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) solution, CHIB GPT, to mark its 103rd anniversary and continuing tradition of innovation.

CHIB GPT was launched internally to Chinabankers to enhance awareness about Gen AI and introduce its capabilities to the business, as well as to uncover high value, revenue-generating use cases.

“CHIB GPT for employees is just the beginning,” President and CEO Romeo D. Uyan Jr. said, noting that for now, Chinabankers can use CHIB GPT as an on-demand companion to help boost productivity and efficiency.

The roll-out of CHIB GPT paves the way for other Gen AI initiatives across the bank. “We plan to employ more and more Gen AI technologies to improve customer experience and bring more business value to the bank,” Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer Delfin Jay Sabido IX said.

Powered by a Large Language Model on a secured sandbox, CHIB GPT accesses Chinabank proprietary information. It specializes in content generation, search, summary, and analysis.  It can make language related tasks like writing reports, emails, memos, articles and other content faster and easier.  It can also provide tips and suggestions for time management, workflow optimization, personal training, decision making, understanding complex topics and even overcoming writer’s block.  More Chinabank exclusive data will be added into CHIB GPT’s system over time.

Part of the roll-out plan is to intensify employees’ awareness and appreciation of CHIB GPT, including launching a webinar series with subject matter experts, roadshows, and focus group discussions. With all conversations kept internal and confidential, Chinabankers are encouraged to utilize CHIB GPT with the ethical guidelines for use of Gen AI in place. These guidelines are aligned with Chinabank’s security, privacy, compliance, and ethical standards, and were made to ensure the bank’s readiness for adopting more Gen AI-based technologies.