Treasury Bills (T-Bills)

Short-term and secure Peso investment option

Government securities are safe and practically risk-free investments representing the unconditional obligations of the state, with Peso-denominated issuances backed by the national government's full taxing power.

As a Government Securities Eligible Dealer (GSED), China Bank offers customers access to investment in securities issued by the Philippine government. 

Be a part of nation-building as you enjoy ANA – Affordable investment amounts, No management fees, and Attractive returns.

T-Bills are zero-coupon debts backed by the government with a maturity of one year or less. They are issued at a discounted price, which means that an amount less than the face value is paid by the investor on settlement date and then the full principal amount is received upon maturity. 

Key Features

Issuer:                                          Philippine Government through the Bureau of Treasury
Tenor:                                           1 year and below (91, 182, and 364 days)
Investment Range:                      Short Term
Price:                                            Discounted or less than par (100)
Withholding Tax:                         Subject to 20% tax
Minimum Investment Amount:   PHP 500,000.00
Liquidity:                                      Tradable in the market
PDIC insured:                               No

Why Invest in T-bills?

  • High liquidity as T-bills can be bought and sold in the secondary market
  • Low risk as you are investing in the Philippine government
  • Flexibility with various tenors available to suit your investment requirements 

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