Republic of the Philippines Bonds (ROPs)

Medium to long-term US Dollar and other foreign currency investment with semi-annual interest payout

Government securities are safe and practically risk-free investments representing the unconditional obligations of the state, with Peso-denominated issuances backed by the national government's full taxing power.

As a Government Securities Eligible Dealer (GSED), China Bank offers customers access to investment in securities issued by the Philippine government. 

Be a part of nation-building as you enjoy ANA – Affordable investment amounts, No management fees, and Attractive returns.

ROPs are US Dollar and/or other foreign currency denominated bonds that are issued by the Philippine Government. They carry a fixed interest rate payable on a semi-annual basis. 

Key Features

Issuer:                                            Republic of the Philippines
Tenor:                                             5-25 years
Investment Range:                        Medium to Long Term
Price:                                              Subject to prevailing market price
Interest Frequency:                      Semi-Annual
Interest Rate:                                 Subject to the rate set on primary issuance
Withholding Tax:                           Bank does not withhold tax
Minimum Investment Amount:    USD 10,000.00 (for USD-denominated ROPs)
Liquidity:                                       Tradable in the market
PDIC insured:                                No

Why Invest in ROPs?

  • Average liquidity as ROPs can be bought and sold in the secondary market subject to availability
  • Fixed interest payout throughout the term of the bond
  • Flexibility with various tenors available to suit your investment requirements

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