Republic of the Philippines Bonds


ROPs have different tenors ranging from 5 to 25 years. Unlike time deposits, ROPs are not insured by PDIC. 

Investors can invest a minimum of USD 10,000 (for USD-denominated ROPs).

ROPs pay out fixed semi-annual interest in US dollar or other foreign currencies. The interest is computed based on the bond’s interest rate. 

You will receive interest on a semi-annual basis during the term of the bond. 

ROPs are subject to market risks. The bond’s market price is subject to fluctuations based on prevailing economic conditions. If an investor wishes to sell the bond before maturity, losses may be incurred due to a drop in the bond’s market value. 

 ROPs are not covered by PDIC Insurance .

Yes, this can be done by selling the ROP at the prevailing market price. Note that the price can rise or fall over time, and you may incur gains or losses if you sell before the bond’s maturity. 

Visit or contact the China Bank branch nearest you to inquire about detailed steps. 

Prior to investing, you will be asked to complete a Client Suitability Assessment. This is to determine your risk profile and suitability for investment. The assessment considers your investment knowledge and experience, investment objective, the amount you are willing to invest, how long you can stay in the investment, and how much risk you are prepared to take. 

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