Investment Management Account (IMA)


This is an arrangement where an investor assigns China Bank Trust and Asset Management Group (CBC-TAMG) as investment manager to manage and administer his financial assets, composed of cash, bonds, commercial papers, promissory notes, and other financial instruments to free him of the burden of personally managing the same. 

The IMA’s investment mandates can either be Discretionary or Non-discretionary. 

For Discretionary IMA arrangement, CBC-TAMG has full authority to make investment decisions, considering the pre-agreed investment guidelines.

While for Non-discretionary IMA arrangement, CBC-TAMG acts on the investment instructions of the client in accordance with his financial objectives and risk profile.

For CBC-TAMG, the minimum amount to open an IMA is at least Php 1.0 million. 

Once you have an a China Bank deposit account and the KYC documents have been completed, CBC-TAMG’s Trust Relationship Officer shall conduct a Client Suitability Assessment to determine your risk profile based on your investment objectives, investment horizon, cash flow requirements and risk/reward orientation.

Your resulting risk profile can either be Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive. 

Once your risk profile has been established, CBC-TAMG shall propose investment outlets that are suitable to your unique financial objectives.

In general, depending on your risk profile, your investment portfolio can be designed similar to the table below.   

      Type         |       Fixed Income Securities             | Equities

Conservative  |     100% in Time Deposit and               |   0 % 
                             Special Savings Accounts      

Moderate       |     70% or more in Time Deposit,          |   30% or less 
                            Special Savings Accounts, 
                            Government Securities and/or 
                            Corporate Bonds. Hybrid Securities 
                            (classified as debt securities)

Aggressive      |    Less than 70% or more in               |   30% or less 
                             Time Deposit, Special Savings 
                             Accounts, Government Securities 
                             and/or Corporate Bonds. 
                             Hybrid Securities (classified as 
                             debt securities)

The IMA does not guaranty a yield, return or income. As such, past performance of the account is not a guaranty of future performance and the income of investments can fall as well as rise depending on prevailing market conditions. 

The IMA arrangement is not covered by the PDIC and that losses, if any, shall be for the account of the investor.

Reports will be made available to you at least on a quarterly basis, to apprise you with your investment portfolio’s performance. As your / your company’s circumstances and risk orientation may change over time, as well as significant changes in the financial markets happen, a review and rebalance of your investment portfolio may be done periodically. 

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