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You can view your account details by logging in to the Chinabank Mobile App.  

Yes, as long as you have the requirements and active mobile number. 

No. Opening of a joint account can be done in the branch. 

Check if all the information you entered is accurate and try submitting again. 

Yes, just click the Pencil icon to edit your information. 

You need to fund your account within 90 days of the account opening date. You may send funds into your account via online fund transfer from another Chinabank account or from other banks. 

Yes. Newly opened accounts are ready for immediate use. You may already receive funds from other bank accounts and perform mobile banking transactions like fund transfers, prepaid mobile or eWallet reload, bill payments, and more. 

Yes. You only need to request the branch to lift the OTC restriction. So on your visit to the branch, please bring your original valid ID submitted online and a statement of account (SOA) with the address indicated in your online application form. 

 Retake your selfie following these reminders: 

  • Make sure that you are in a well-lit area  
  • Take a selfie against a plain background 
  • Remove eyeglasses, cap, and other accessories 
  • ¬∑Hold the mobile phone in portrait mode 

You may request for another OTP. Please make sure that you are inputting the correct OTP and that the OTP is not expired yet. The OTP expires within 2 minutes from receipt. 

 Try again following these reminders: 

  • Your ID should be in the list of acceptable IDs and not expired, photocopy or digital copy 
  • Ensure that your ID is not blurred and that all four edges are visible 
  • Turn-on camera permission, with the flash turned off 
  • Take the photo in a well-lit area, against a dark background 

Check if all mandatory fields are filled out. If not, edit as needed and proceed. 

Average Daily Balance or ADB is the sum of the daily end-of-day balances in the account for the relevant time period - which may be for the  month, quarter, year or any other time period for the deposit (varies for different products) divided by the number of days in that period. For example, the formula for computing Monthly ADB is as follows:

ADB = (Day 1 ending balance + … + Day 30/31 ending balance)
Number of days in the month (i.e. 30/31 days)

Interest earned shall be credited quarterly for Savings (except for MoneyPlus Savings Account where interest is credited monthly) and Current Account provided that the account has not been closed prior to schedule of interest crediting.

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