Frequently Asked Questions

eWallet Reload

eWallet reloading is processed via InstaPay and is subject to a Php10 fee per transaction. 

Loading of Autosweep RFID is subject to a Php13 fee per transaction.

eWallet loading has a limit of Php 50,000 per transaction and a daily limit of Php 250,000.

The minimum amount for RFID Reloading is Php100 and the maximum transaction and daily limit is Php20,000.

Yes. You may load another person's eWallet using your Chinabank Mobile App account. Simply input their eWallet account details to add them to your list. Once done, you can conveniently load their eWallet. 

Yes. To edit or remove an eWallet from your list, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Select Reload or Purchase from the post-login menu 
  2. Select "E-Wallet" and swipe to the left to view action to be done to selected eWallet 
  3. Tap on “Edit” to edit your eWallet Nickname or “Remove” if you want to remove the eWallet from the list, then tap Next 

A confirmation message will be displayed. 

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