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Branch Services

Each branch has an assigned revenue district. Below are the BIR-Accredited China Bank branches per revenue district. Click here to view the list.

Fees vary depending on the locker size.


3x5x15 - P500 

3x5x22; 4x5x15 - P600 

3x5x24; 5x5x15 - P600 

4x5x24 - P1,000 

5x5x22; 5x5x24 - P1,200 

3x10x22; 3x10x24 - P1,500  


5x10x15 - P1,500 

5x10x22; 5x10x24 - P2,200 


10x10x15 - P3,000 

10x10x22; 10x10x24 - P3,500 

Key Deposit: PHP 1,500
Forced Opening: PHP 5,000
Safety Deposit box service is exclusive to China Bank accountholders. 

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