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A Secured Credit Card is designed for new or existing China Bank Depositors who are seeking to build or re-build their credit history. The Secured Credit Card and its credit limit is established by a Security Deposit. The Security Deposit serves as a mutual protection for the depositor and the bank in case the Secured Credit Card turns delinquent.

China Bank Depositors who apply for a Secured Credit Card will enjoy the same Credit Card features of a regular China Bank Credit Card including its promos and perks.

To apply, simply visit your China Bank branch of account, fill out a Secured Credit Card Application Form, and present a valid ID. For new deposit clients, requirements for account opening shall also apply. 

Document Requirements:

  • Fully accomplished Secured Credit Card Application Form
  • Valid government issued ID with photo and signature

The minimum Security Deposit for a Peso Deposit Account is Php30,000 and USD750 for a Dollar Deposit Account. 

  • Peso Deposit Account except Checking/Current Accounts
  • Dollar Deposit Account
  • Single or Joint ownership. For Joint Accounts, all depositors must sign on the application form. 

The maximum credit limit assignment is 85% of the Security Deposit for a Peso Deposit Account and 70% of the Security Deposit for a Dollar Deposit Account. 

The Secured Credit Card is co-terminus with the Security Deposit. The Cardholder must settle the outstanding balance either through regular payment channels or offsetting of account before the China Bank Branch can authorize the release of the Security Deposit. 

  • Ineligible for a regular unsecured Credit Card with China Bank
  • Existing China Bank Credit Cardholders with good credit standing but prefer a higher credit limit than the approved credit limit. 

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