Chinabank Credit Cards

Supplementary Credit Cards

Share the benefits and privileges that you love from your Chinabank Credit Card with your loved ones. 

  • Your assigned Supplementary Cardholder can enjoy the same perks such as access to CBC Deals, 0% Installment Program, and online shopping.  
  • How many Supplementary Cards can I have?
    • There is no limit to how many Supplementary Cards you want to enroll.  

  •  Will the Supplementary Card have its own Credit Limit?
    • You and your Supplementary Cardholders will share a single credit limit. You may assign a Monthly Spending Limit (MSL) for the Supplementary Card.  

  •  How much is the Annual Membership Fee of the Supplementary Card? 

    • The Membership Fees for all your Supplementary Cards are waived. 

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