Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA)

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The Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) is an automated payment facility whereby China Banking Corporation (“China Bank”) is authorized to automatically debit amounts from the designated China Bank Deposit Account (“Deposit Account”) without notice, and credit the same amounts to settle the Minimum Amount Due or Statement Balance, as applied for, on the Payment Due Date indicated in the Statement of Account (SOA) of the enrolled China Bank Credit Card.

The ADA Facility is available to China Bank Credit Card Principal Cardholders (“Cardholder”) who maintain a Deposit Account with China Bank. 

You may enroll in the ADA Facility by completely filling out and by signing the ADA Enrollment and Maintenance Form (“ADA Form”) and submitting it to the China Bank branch where your Deposit Account is maintained. In the absence of a Deposit Account, you must open a Savings or Checking Account at any China Bank branch. 

If you are a new China Bank Credit Card applicant, you may submit your Credit Card Application Form together with the ADA Form at any China Bank branch. 

No. You may only nominate an account that is under your name. Joint Accounts (e.g. OR, AND/OR, AND) are allowed provided that the Principal Cardholder is one of the co-depositors. 

For Single and Joint “OR” or “AND/OR” accounts, only the Cardholder must sign on the ADA Form. For Joint “AND” accounts, the Cardholder and all co-depositors must sign. Accounts with special instructions may also require that the Cardholder and all co-depositors sign on the ADA Form. 

You have the option to select either the Minimum Amount Due or the Statement Balance (Total Amount Due). Kindly note that if the Minimum Amount Due option is selected, the remaining credit card balance will be subject to Finance Charges. 

Yes. To update your ADA details, you must visit your branch of account to fill out and sign the ADA Form.  

In the event that my China Bank Credit Card is replaced (i.e. damaged, lost/stolen card), do I have to re-enroll for ADA? 

No. Your ADA shall remain active using the Deposit Account that you have nominated when you initially enrolled. 

You will receive an SMS and/or e-mail notification once your Credit Card account has been successfully enrolled in the ADA Facility. The ADA will commence on the Payment Due Date indicated on the SMS and/or e-mail notification, and shall be effected every Payment Due Date thereafter. 

You may check on the status of your ADA enrollment by calling China Bank Customer Service Hotline at +632 888-55-888 or 1-800-1888-5888 (PLDT) Domestic Toll-Free. 

Once the ADA enrollment has been activated, your Deposit Account will be continuously debited monthly on your Payment Due Date. If your Payment Due Date falls on a weekend or holiday, your Deposit Account will be debited the following banking day. 

Ensure at all times that your Deposit Account has sufficient funds to settle the payment option selected (i.e. Minimum Amount Due or Statement Balance) at the onset of the Payment Due Date to avoid Late Payment Fees and Finance Charges. 

Posting of payments made via ADA and updating of credit limit shall be after one (1) banking day from date of debiting of the Deposit Account. 

In "How much will be debited from my Deposit Account in case I make payments via other payment channels before my Payment Due Date?", the landing page for the China Bank Credit Card Payment Channels and Methods is blank. This should be linked to the Payment Channels page.

If the funds in your Deposit Account are insufficient to settle the payment option selected on the day of the scheduled debiting, no amount will be debited and your Credit Card account will be considered as unsettled, and the Credit Card balance shall be subject to applicable fees and charges. 

In the event that ADA is not successful due to any reason such as, but not limited to, insufficient funds or closed account, you must immediately settle your obligations through other available payment channels. 

Yes. You may request for the termination of the ADA at your Branch of Account by filling out the ADA Form. Only Credit Card accounts that are updated may be approved for termination of ADA. You will receive a confirmation via SMS and/or e-mail once termination of ADA has been facilitated. 

Upon termination of ADA, kindly ensure that payments are made via other available payment channels on or before your next Payment Due Date.

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