Chinabank Credit Cards

Virtual Card

Enjoy secure and worry-free shopping over the internet with your Chinabank Virtual Card. 

  • A companion card that is issued together with your Principal Chinabank Credit Card  designed exclusively for online transactions.
  • Linked to your Principal Chinabank Credit Card with a different card number. 
  • With an adjustable Monthly Spending Limit (MSL) that can be set according your purchasing needs 
  • Has SMS and e-mail notifications so you are always on top of your online transactions
  • Equipped with 3D Secure that requires One-Time Password (OTP) to complete your purchase when you shop online at 3D Secure participating merchants for additional layer of security 
  • Transactions on your Chinabank Virtual Card earn the same rewards points/cash rebate scheme as your Principal Chinabank Credit Card. 

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