Chinabank Credit Cards

Paperless Billing (e-SOA)

What is an e-SOA?

An Electronic Statement of Account or e-SOA is the online or paperless version of your monthly billing statement. Like your paper statements, it contains the summary of all the transactions and payments made with your credit card during the billing cycle.

Why e-SOA?

  • Faster Delivery and Convenient Access
    As it is in electronic form, you can easily view your billing statements anytime, anywhere.
  • Safe and Secure
    Your billing information is secure since your e-SOA is sent to your e-mail address on record in a password-protected file.
  • Less Clutter, No More Misplaced Statements
    You can view your current and past monthly statements online without accumulating pages of paper statements. Plus, it’s eco-friendly.
  • Hassle-free Updating
    You can simply e-mail or call our Customer Service to update your e-mail address on record.

No enrollment required. Cardholders are automatically sent their e-SOA as long as they have a valid e-mail address on record. 

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