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Sustainability at China Bank

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our mission and the work we do.  For nearly a century, we have been combining financial success with ethical practice and socially responsible action.  We endeavor to create sustainable value for our stakeholders while being mindful of our broader impact on society and the environment.   We are committed to do our part to help drive the Philippines’ economic growth, to protect the environment, to promote financial awareness and inclusion, and to support the vulnerable members of our society. We are an eager partner for sustainability, working with and for our stakeholders to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap

Banking is a stakeholder business. China Bank’s sustainability is underpinned by the enduring relationships of trust we have built with our customers, employees, investors, regulators, and society in general. We are driven to continuously create value by delivering on our role to our stakeholders and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap

SDG Contribution – Core Areas

China Bank creates shared value and contributes to a sustainable future by aligning our business activities and programs with the United Nations Sustainable Develop Goals (SDGs).  While in some way our work touches on all 17 SDGs, we prioritize the 11 we believe we can make the greatest contribution to.


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