Code of Ethics

Guided by our Core Values – Integrity, High Performance Standards, Commitment to Quality, Customer Service Focus, Concern for People, Efficiency and Resourcefulness / Initiative – China Bank’s business has always been anchored on honest and ethical conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. These core values are also the foundation of our Code of Ethics

Our Board sets the tone for and leads the practice of ethical and responsible business conduct throughout the organization.  Each member upholds the Code of Ethics for Directors which establishes the standards for directors’ professional and ethical conduct, including the acceptable practices when dealing with investors, creditors, customers, depositors, contractors, suppliers, regulators, and the general public.  The Code also provides the guiding principles on the performance of their duties in accordance with the fit and proper rules.  

Every effort necessary is undertaken to ensure that all China Bankers are aware of, understand, and uphold the Code of Ethics for Employees which provides clear guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable behavior and business practices, and the corresponding sanctions for violations of the Code.  It is comprehensively discussed in the New Employees’ Orientation Course (NEOC) and a soft copy is available on our Intranet facility and website for easy reference.

All Directors and employees are required to comply with the Bank's Code of Ethics, those who are new to China Bank are provided a booklet of the Code and receipt thereof is acknowledged in writing.