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CIBI - Coverage

Here are the things you can use in determining the value of your car: 
● Purchased value for Brand New Vehicle
● Market value available online 

Own Damage/ Theft, bodily injury and property damage, and damages due to Acts of Nature. Passengers up to maximum capacity including driver are covered under Personal Accident Insurance. 

Yes. We will just issue a separate COC (Certificate of Cover) for the CTPL which you will present to LTO upon registration of your car. 

Auto personal accident covers the passengers including the driver of the insured vehicle.

Third Party Bodily Injury (TPBI) coverage answers for indemnities beyond the limits set forth under the Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) coverage that protects the assured against liability of death or bodily injury to third party arising from an accident caused by the insured vehicle.

Third Party Property Damage (TPPD) protects the assured against liability for damage caused by the insured vehicle to property belonging to a third party. 

These are basically a list of hazards / risks which your property can be exposed to or can cause damage to your property.  

Yes, but this is optional. It’s best to include “all risk” in your policy including Acts of Nature such as earthquake, fire, shock, typhoon, and flood. 

In order for us to assess the correct value of the property, we need an updated appraisal report from the license property appraiser. This way, we determine the sound value and more importantly, the replacement cost of your property. Another way to determine the value of your house is based on construction cost if it’s newly constructed. The contents can be valued based on purchased cost.  

This is insurance intended for travelers via air, land or sea. Core benefits are to protect the covered passenger against travel inconveniences such as flight delay, loss of baggage and possible medical / hospitalization requirements while outside the PH (point of origin). Cover is also extended to possible repatriation and death coverage due to an accident.  

These are: 
● Smoke 
● Falling Aircraft 
● Vehicle Impact and 
● Explosion 

In most cases, roadside assistance which includes towing are covered under motor insurance policy. We suggest you thoroughly check your policy with the insurer.  

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