Why Bank Online?

Being on top of your hard-earned money is a must regardless of time and situation. Even without the limited mobility brought by the pandemic, easy access to financial services is vital to day-to-day living. This is true whether you are a young professional earning one’s own money; a working parent who runs the household; a business start-up owner joggling multiple roles to make it work. 

 Whatever your role is, banking online is for you, and here’s why:
 1. It helps you become financially organized.

The key to staying sane despite living a busy life and joggling different roles is being organized. Banking online organizes your finances for you with just your mobile phone. At one glance, you can view your accounts, credit card limit, and even investments. With the different tools and services available, you can easily keep track of your expenses and schedule future transactions so you don’t have to worry about forgetting due dates.

2. It helps you fulfill your financial obligations easily with low convenience fee.
Banking shouldn’t be painful, and definitely doesn’t have to be time consuming. With Chinabank Mobile App, you can make your financial transactions in just few taps without leaving your home for just a low convenience fee. Think of how much you save on transportation costs to visit the branch or payment centers. Plus there’s no need to chase banking hours just to complete your transaction. 

3. It helps you secure your hard-earned money.
Chinabank Mobile App is built with ease and security as a priority. It has industry-standard security features that make the App reliable and safe for customers to use. Every financial transaction is protected by multi-factor authentication technology and triggers an alert to the user. 

Not enrolled on Chinabank Mobile App yet? Enroll using your ATM card or Cash Card or visit the branch for one-time enrollment.