Trade Financing

Our experienced and dedicated Trade team will assist you, manage your finances, and expand your business internationally with our diversified products and services customized according
to your needs.

Opening a Letter of Credit offers a secure payment to your supplier, building stronger relationships over time and opportunities for your business to grow by sourcing your goods overseas. Financing options are available with Chinabank to help bridge the gap between your collections and your obligations. 

We offer a comprehensive suite of products to support your Exports Business. Customers with approved credit facilities have the option to advance the payment from the bank to provide you with the working capital you need, or gain faster turnover of funds to improve your financial standing.

Bidding for a Project? Performing construction works? Need a payment security? We, at Chinabank, are here to help. You have access to our expertise and experience in the various types of Standby Letters of Credit to support the payment of your goods and services. 

We will act as an agent to deliver the documents to you from your customer’s bank, or we can simply facilitate the remittance of your payment directly to your supplier. Whichever your arrangement will be, Chinabank is more than able to provide this service.