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Yes. Transactions will be processed on holidays and weekends. 

ADA transactions may be scheduled for immediate or post-dated processing. Immediate transactions are processed real-time while post-dated transactions are future-dated. 

Yes, bulk ADA is not an “all or nothing” transaction. For accounts with sufficient funds, debiting will push through regardless if other accounts have insufficient funds. 

Users can generate a report for the list of successful and unsuccessful transactions. 

No. ADA can only debit to China Bank accounts.  

China Bank Peso Checking Accounts, Peso Savings accounts and US Dollar Savings Accounts can be enrolled in ADA. 

Checks payable to the Check Depot customer, which are dated at least seven banking days and a maximum of five years prior to check maturity, prior to submission to the Bank. 

Checks are warehoused in China Bank Warehousing Hubs located in China Bank Makati Head Office, China Bank Cebu Escario Branch, China Bank Davao Recto Branch. 

Yes. Checks can be pulled-out from warehousing given that request for pull-out is given at least two days before check maturity. 

Returned Checks will be delivered back to the Check Depot customer’s respective China Bank branch of account. 

Yes. The Check Depot has real-time reports, namely, Outstanding Report, In-Vault Report, On-Hold Report, Pulled-Out Report, Deposited Report, Cleared Report, Returned Report 

Bills Pay Plus collections are available through China Bank Branch Over-the-Counter, ATMs, China Bank Mobile App, China Bank Online, and China Bank Phone Banking.

Payments are credited real-time to billers’ China Bank accounts. 

Billers are provided with a Collection Arrangement Report, which includes details such as amount paid, status of payment, subscriber number, date and time of payment, and payment channel. 

The Collection Arrangement Report is available on the next banking day for transactions made from Mondays to Fridays. Reports for transactions made on Saturdays and Sundays, will be available on the following Tuesday.

Billers may assign the reference number of their choice, provided that reference number has a maximum of 25 characters and without spaces. Billers should provide the reference number structure and algorithm, if applicable. 

 Referenced Deposit is available for over-the-counter only. 

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