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Verifone VX 520 POS terminals (wired or wireless) are deployed to our partner merchants.  Available soon is the Android PAX 920. 

Settlement of Debit POS transactions is the next banking day to the merchant’s nominated settlement account. Friday transactions are settled on a Monday while Saturday, Sunday, & Monday’s transactions are settled on a Tuesday. 

Debit POS provides merchants with daily reports such as Approved Transaction Reports, Rejected Transaction Reports, and Summary Reports. 

 Daily Debit POS reports are emailed to merchants on the next banking day. 

No.  For acceptance of credit card payments, please contact your Branch of Account, your Cash Management Sales Officer or email Cash Management at cashmgt@chinabank.ph 

POS Cash-Out is available in both wired and wireless terminals. 

POS Cash-Out transactions are credited the next banking day to the merchant’s China Bank account. 

POS Cash-Out provides merchants with a POS Cash-Out Transaction Report and a POS Cash Out- Batch Report. 

The POS Cash-Out Transaction Report is emailed to merchants the next banking day, while the POS Cash-Out Batch Report can be generated by merchants from the POS terminal at the end of each day. 

Yes. Partner merchants are allowed to market their POS Cash-Out terminal with their preferred branding. (e.g ABC Store’s Mobile ATM) 

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