Check Management

About China Bank

Initial Deposit Requirement

  • P 100.00

Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance (ADB) Requirement

  • P 100.00

Minimum Balance to Earn Interest

  • P 2,000.00

Interest Rate

  • 0.125% per annum, subject to 20% withholding tax
  • All amount tiers and interest rates are subject to change without prior notice. Kindly coordinate with your branch of account for the applicable interest rates.


  • Passbook

Access Points

  • Branch
  • ATM
  • China Bank Online


  • Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.
  • Upon reaching the age of 18, all Young Savers Account will be automatically converted to an ATM Savings Account, and will be subject to all the terms and conditions governing such account.
  • Client is required to visit their respective branch of accounts to apply for an ATM TellerCard upon conversion
  • The Bank reserves the right to close the converted account for non-compliance by the customer of all terms and conditions governing the ATM Savings Account.
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