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Estate Planning is the systematic arrangement of all of the personal assets or belongings of an individual in order to attain present and future goals as well as those that could extend beyond his lifetime.  A client may want an arrangement that will provide regular living allowance for him and his designated beneficiary/ies or address more specific needs such as providing for the educational or medical needs of loved ones.  In general, the ultimate goal boils down toward the preservation of the estate that one has worked so hard to build and to be able to transfer it to designated heirs and beneficiaries at the appointed time.

China Bank-Trust Group can help you achieve your estate planning goals through the following arrangements:

  • Personal Management Trust
    During your lifetime, you may already start conveying properties or funds to be held and managed for the benefit of your beneficiary/ies.
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
    If you have insurance policies, we can help you ensure that the proceeds are delivered to your named beneficiaries at the time you have appointed and are used for the purposes you have intended for them.
  • Testamentary Trust
    An arrangement created by a will and which will take effect upon the demise of the Trustor.  We can help by ensuring that your wishes are carried out in accordance with your last will and testament.

Investment Management Arrangement

An arrangement wherein funds and assets are professionally managed by the China Bank – Trust  acting as Investment Manager based on a customized portfolio design that considers the client’s investment objectives, liquidity requirement, yield expectation and risk tolerance, among others.  The client may choose to make all the investment decisions on his own or to allow the Investment Manager to exercise full discretion to invest his assets according to established portfolio objectives.  As an agency arrangement, legal title over the assets remains under the name of the client.  There are two types of investment management arrangement to choose from depending on the level  of investment discretion that the client is willing to  grant to China Bank – Trust :

  1. As an Investment Advisor
    China Bank gives the client advice on various investment options on which basis the client will be able to make the decision on how, when and where to invest his funds, or
  2. As an Investment Manager with Full Discretion
    China Bank is given full authority to invest the client’s funds in the manner which  it deems will  best meet the client’s portfolio objectives.

Whatever option the client chooses, he can be assured that China Bank – Trust  will be with him every step of the way, to provide guidance in making investment decisions and to help optimize the potential earnings of investible funds.

For more details, please call Trust Group - Business Development Unit at (632) 885-5878, 885-5867, 885-5862, 885-5858.

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