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Unit Investment Trust Funds
China Bank Trust Group offers an array of Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) to meet the varying needs and objectives of investors.

  • China Bank Money Market Fund
    A peso-denominated money market fund with minimal volatility and high level of liquidity; invested primarily in short-term marketable fixed-income securities such as deposits and government securities.
  • China Bank Institutional Money Market Fund
    This fund is intended for institutional and corporate accounts with "conservative" risk profile. Institutions and corporations can enjoy high level of liquidity on one hand and better earnings potential versus those offered by regular savings deposit accounts and money market placements.
  • China Bank Short-Term Fund
    Unlike other peso-denominated money market funds invested mostly in deposits, the China Bank Short-Term Fund's portfolio may also include fixed-income instruments issued by the Philippine government and prime corporate entities thereby providing the opportunity to generate better returns.  Caters to investors with moderate risk profile wanting ready access to their funds but would still like their money to keep on working as they wait for the next investment opportunity to come along.
  • China Bank Intermediate Fixed-Income Fund
    A peso-denominated intermediate bond fund with an average portfolio duration of not more than three (3) years, just the right amount of time for your funds to take advantage of relatively better returns from fixed-income instruments issued by the Philippine government and prime corporations but with lesser degree of volatility that is characteristic of instruments with much longer investment tenors.  Caters to investors with a moderate risk profile and have the capability to invest for more than a year in exchange for the prospect of obtaining better returns on high-grade fixed-income investments.
  • China Bank Fixed Income Fund
    A long-term bond fund invested in peso-denominated notes, bonds or securities issued by or guaranteed by the government of the Republic of the Philippines or the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or private corporation with at least AA-rating given by a recognized rating agency. The Fund is suitable for investors with moderate risk appetite and are looking for higher yields and are willing to take the attendant risks that come with portfolios that that may have investments with longer tenors.
  • China Bank Balanced Fund
    Offers a good mix of investments in high-grade and marketable fixed-income securities issued by the Philippine government and prime corporations as well as choice equity issues listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.  Intended for the aggressive investor with an investment horizon of at least one year and who are able to tolerate a higher level of volatility in exchange for higher potential returns.
  • China Bank Equity Fund
    A peso-denominated fund invested primarily in equities and short-term, tradeable fixed-income securities with the share of equities not to exceed 90% of the Fund at any point in time.
  • China Bank High Dividend Equity Fund
    Intended to provide clients with an "aggressive" risk profile long-term capital appreciation by investing mainly in a diversified portfolio of choice common and preferred equity issues listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange which have regular dividend payment policy and/or payment track record.
  • China Bank Dollar Fund
    A dollar-denominated, long-term bond fund which aims to generate above-average returns by investing in high-grade marketable securities comprised mainly of US dollar-denominated government securities.

Investment Management Arrangement
An arrangement wherein funds and assets are professionally managed by the China Bank – Trust  acting as Investment Manager based on a customized portfolio design that considers the client’s investment objectives, liquidity requirement, yield expectation and risk tolerance, among others.  The client may choose to make all the investment decisions on his own or to allow the Investment Manager to exercise full discretion to invest his assets according to established portfolio objectives.  As an agency arrangement, legal title over the assets remains under the name of the client.  There are two types of investment management arrangement to choose from depending on the level  of investment discretion that the client is willing to  grant to China Bank – Trust :

  1. As an Investment Advisor
    China Bank gives the client advice on various investment options on which basis the client will be able to make the decision on how, when and where to invest his funds, or
  2. As an Investment Manager with Full Discretion
    China Bank is given full authority to invest the client’s funds in the manner which  it deems will  best meet the client’s portfolio objectives.

Whatever option the client chooses, he can be assured that China Bank – Trust  will be with him every step of the way, to provide guidance in making investment decisions and to help optimize the potential earnings of investible funds.

For more details, please call Trust Group - Business Development Unit at (632) 885-5878, 885-5867, 885-5862, 885-5858.

DISCLOSURE. Part of the account opening procedures for UITFs covers the discussion of the attendant risks as well as the conduct of a client suitability assessment by UITF-accredited personnel to ensure the proper matching of the product with the client's risk profile. Participation in the UITF is by way of units based on the prevailing Net Asset Value per Unit or NAVPu at the end of day of transaction date. The NAVPu is computed daily and available at China Bank branches, the Trust Group and the China Bank website ( The NAVPu is inclusive of the applicable trust fee as well as third party custodianship and external auditor's fees. UITFs are not deposit accounts and, as such, are not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Due to daily marking-to-market of investments, the value of the UITF may fluctuate depending on prevailing market conditions. Any income or loss that may result from the performance of the Fund shall be for the account of the participant. Historical return is for indication purposes only and is not a guarantee of future results. The list of existing and prospective investments and the financial performance of the Fund are updated on a regular basis and, together with the Declaration of Trust, are made available to participants upon request.

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