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About China Bank

No-fuss Peso deposit accounts for your basic banking needs.

ATM Savings
Enjoy 24/7 banking convenience with an account that is as mobile as your lifestyle.

ChinaCheck Plus
Enjoy value and convenience in one with this affordable interest-bearing checking account that comes with an ATM card.

MoneyPlus Savings
An account that gives you flexibility and liquidity. Build your account balance and earn bonus earnings.

Overseas Kababayan Savings
A no-initial deposit, no-maintaining balance account for OFWs that makes saving and  sending/receiving remittances more secure and convenient. 

Passbook Savings
Save for the rainy days in a simple and easy to monitor savings account.

Young Savers
An interest-bearing Peso savings account for children and teens ages 17 years old and below with low initial deposit and maintaining balance requirements.

Save in our high-yield, risk-free term deposit accounts and watch your money grow.

Regular Time Deposit
For a low minimum placement, you can earn higher interest than in a regular savings account.

Diamond Savings Account
A term account that earns higher interest, comparable to money market investments.

Money Lift Plus
Enjoy market flexibility with this 5-year term deposit that offers floating interest rate.

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