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Get the Miles, Enjoy the SM-iles


  1. Promo Period is from January 25 to December 31, 2020.
  2. Eligible accounts are China Bank regular peso Current and Savings accounts (CASA):
    1. Current Account w/ Auto-Transfer
    2. Chinacheck Plus w/o Passbook
    3. Chinacheck Plus w/ Passbook
    4. Check Pay Account
    5. Regular Savings (Passbook Savings and ATM Savings)
    6. Savings w/ Auto-Transfer
    7. Overseas Kababayan Savings
    8. Treasurer-in-Trust (TIT) accounts – will still earn reward points but can redeem only when the account is converted to a Corporate account
    9. In-Trust-For (ITF) accounts – provided if the beneficiary is a minor, only the Primary account holder/Principal can be tagged as reward recipient
  3. The following accounts are not eligible for the program:
    1. Young Savers Account, MoneyPlus Savings, Premium Savings
    2. Time Deposit
    3. Foreign currency-denominated accounts
    4. CASA accounts under the following arrangements:
      d.1 Estate account (intestate or testate)
      d.2 Deposit in-trust (under Trust)
    5. Accounts of China Bank head office units, affiliates and subsidiaries
    6. CA/SA settlement account of biller under bills payment facility of China Bank’s Cash Management Services (CMS) and government agencies under government agency payment services of CMS
  4. Promo covers existing CASA accounts and also for new CASA accounts opened within the promo period.
  5. Client is entitled to earn 1 reward point for every 5,000 monthly ADB for new and existing accounts. Computation of the ADB will start on January 1, 2020. Example, if account is opened in Jan. 15, 2020 and monthly ADB is P12,000 at the end of the month (January), the account in entitled to earn two (2) reward points. By end of February 2020, assuming monthly ADB is P15,000, account will be entitled to three (3) reward points.
  6. Redemption option of Reward Points as follows:
    1. 4 reward points for 1 Mabuhay Mile Minimum required redemption is 2,000 points for 500 PAL Mabuhay Miles
    2. 2.5 reward points for 1 GetGo point Minimum required redemption is 1,250 points for 500 GetGo points
    3. A minimum of 400 reward points for P100 SM e-Voucher
  7. For Joint, Corporate and In-Trust-For (ITF) Accounts, please visit your branch of account to fill-out a nomination form to designate the nominee his/ her email address and mobile number where all points will be designated and who will be authorized to redeem the rewards.
  8. Clients who qualify will receive an SMS on the first month of qualifying to the promo. Client must provide mobile number and updated through their branch of account to receive notification. Clients should also register with the promo website to view monthly points earned (
  9. If account is under joint ownership or under the name of a juridical entity, client shall nominate the designated recipient to receive the notification and reward points. If client fails to update his/ her mobile number or nominate a designated recipient, account will continue to earn points for the duration of the promo period, but accountholder will not be notified of points earned and will not be able to claim his/her rewards. Nomination of receiver of rewards for joint accounts and corporate accounts will be done at the customer’s branch of account.
  10. Qualified clients will be directed to a China Bank micro-site to opt-in/ agree to the terms of the program mechanics, for points monitoring, to view list of establishments where SM e-vouchers (SM Gift Pass) can be used, and to register PAL Mabuhay Miles or GetGo Points account no. Qualified clients shall visit branch of account to get the promo reference number which will be used for registration in the China Bank micro-site. Earned points will be forfeited should the qualified client selects to opt-out from the program within the promo period.
  11. Redemption of accumulated reward points starts on July 1, 2020 as approved by DTI-FTEB.
  12. Qualified accounts should be existing (active) and in good account standing upon redemption of rewards (SM Gift Pass or Mabuhay Miles or GetGo Points), otherwise the account will be disqualified and earned points shall be forfeited. Earned points will be forfeited should the qualified account is closed within the promo period.
  13. Account is in good account standing if it passes eligibility and due diligence policy of the BANK, or not under investigation due to suspected fraudulent and/or suspicious activities, and those who have not otherwise, violated any of the General Terms and Conditions governing deposit account.
  14. Air travel rewards will be credited to the “Mabuhay Miles” Account or “GetGo Card” of the depositor within 10 to 15 business days from the end of each month.
  15. SM e-voucher will be sent to client’s mobile number (SMS/ text message) upon redemption at the promo website. Once the SM e-voucher is sent to the mobile number of the client, the Bank will no longer be in any obligation to send the SM e-voucher to another new mobile number of the client.
  16. SMS containing the e-Voucher will be presented to the Bills Payment counter of The SM Store. Once the e-Voucher is validated, SM front-liner issues SM Gift Pass.
  17. Redemption of SM e-vouchers to SM Gift Pass is subject to the policies of SM Store. The use of the SM E-voucher shall be the sole responsibility of the client. In the event the SM E-voucher is used to redeem items from any merchant partners; either by the client or a 3rd party; the SM e-voucher is considered claimed and cannot be used to redeem any future items.
  18. Reward Points are not transferrable and not convertible to cash.
  19. All standard terms and conditions governing PAL Mabuhay Miles including, but not limited to, Travel Award, shall apply.
  20. All SM e-Vouchers, PAL Mabuhay Miles and GetGo Points can be redeemed until April 30, 2021 only.
  21. Taxes, that will arise from this program, if any, shall be for the account of the client.
  22. In case of dispute related to the promo, the Bank’s decision, in concurrence with the DTI, will be deemed final and non-negotiable.
  23. All eligibility and qualification requirement under this promo shall be subject to criteria prescribed by the Bank as approved by DTI. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility in this promo will be resolved by the Bank as approved by DTI.
  24. Any violation of existing “Get the Miles, Enjoy the SM-iles” Promo rules and/or General Terms and Conditions for deposit account and related services shall automatically disqualify the client from joining the promo or claims of rewards thereof.
  25. BANK reserves the right to disqualify any person from further participation in “Get the Miles, Enjoy the SM-iles” Promo, if in its judgment, that person has violated the terms and conditions herein or has violated the terms and conditions governing deposit and services product. Suspension and disqualification may result in the cancellation of the person’s right of participation and all rewards points earned.
  26. In case of dispute with respect to the Bank and client’s participating in “Get the Miles, Enjoy the SMiles” Rewards Promo, the decision of the Bank with the concurrence of the DTI shall be considered final. However, if dispute involves partners and its performance and/or delivery of services to client, subject to the General Provisions set out above, the decision of the Bank and partners with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.
  27. For inquiries on the promo, depositors may contact China Bank’s Tellerphone Hotline at (02) 888-55-888 or domestic toll-free numbers 1-800-1888-5888 (PLDT).
  28. By joining this promo, the client confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by the mechanics of the promo.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-01157, Series of 2020

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