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Escrow Agency Services

Escrow Agency Services

Whenever there are deals involving the transfer of funds or valuable assets between or among parties who are generally unfamiliar with each other, it is always best to have an impartial third party (known as an escrow agent) who will see to it that the terms and conditions of the transaction are complied with.  The escrow agent shall also be responsible for holding the funds and/or documents for release to the appropriate party upon satisfaction of their respective duties and obligations.

Trust China Bank to serve as an impartial party to a variety of business deals and transactions.  With China Bank-Trust Group as your Escrow Agent, you are assured that:

  • Your rights and interests as well as that of the other parties to the transaction will be  safeguarded;
  • You are relieved from the burden of monitoring compliance by your counterparty/ies of their respective responsibilities and obligations;
  • CBC-Trust  will ensure that funds//documents will be released to the appropriate party only upon the satisfactory performance/delivery  of the concerned parties’   deliverables under the transaction. 

Take your pick from any of the following escrow arrangements:

China Bank Escrow Agency - Buy and Sell
For clients involved in buy-and-sell transactions with counterparties who they are not too familiar with, covering real estate properties, shares of stocks, and other valuable assets.

China Bank Escrow Agency - Capital Gains Tax
For individuals disposing of their principal residence with the intention to construct or acquire a new principal residence, this escrow arrangement will give them the chance to potentially save on the 6% capital gains tax imposed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on real estate sale transactions.

China Bank Escrow Agency - POEA
For employment agencies deploying Filipino workers overseas, an escrow arrangement is required by the Philippine Overseas & Employment Administration (POEA) prior to the grant or renewal of a license to operate.

China Bank Escrow Agency Service – HLURB
For real estate developers, an escrow arrangement with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) is required prior to the grant of a license to sell to prospective buyers. 

For more details, please call Trust Group-Business Development Unit at (632)885-5878, 885-5867, 885-5862, 885-5858, or visit your nearest China Bank Branch.

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