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Employee Benefit Planning

Based on Republic Act No. 7641 (RA 7641) or the Retirement Pay Law, all private corporations, except retail, service and agricultural establishments employing not more than ten (10) employees or workers, are required to give retirement benefits to their regular employees aged sixty (60) years old and who have rendered at least five (5) years of continued service.

Aside from complying  with the requisites of the law,  setting up a retirement/employee benefit fund  will  also enable the company to avoid unnecessary cash flow disruptions brought about by the payment of retirement benefits, not to mention possible direct cash benefits by way of  tax savings.

When deciding to establish a retirement/employee benefit fund, consider China Bank – Trust Group as your  professional and reliable partner. 

As your Trustee / Fund Manager, the scope of  our services will include :

  • Assist in the development of the retirement  plan rules and regulations, coordinate with the actuary, and register  the retirement plan with the  BIR for tax qualification;
  • Develop and implement appropriate investment strategies to maximize portfolio yield taking into consideration the company’s  objectives, risk tolerance, tax status and liquidity needs, among others;
  • Administer the plan in accordance with its specific provisions, terms and conditions;
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of all investments, receipts, disbursements and other transactions of the Fund as well as render periodic financial reports; and,
  • Dedicate a Portfolio Officer who will personally attend to your queries and service any requirements pertaining to your trust account.

Collateral and Mortgage Trusteeship

China Bank – Trust Group can act as an impartial intermediary or trustee between a corporate borrower or issuer of bonds/notes and the participating lending institutions.  Our services include:

  • Registration of the Mortgage Trust
  • Issuance/cancellation/replacement of the Mortgage Participation Certificates (MPC) and computation of beneficial interest for each creditor
  • Safekeeping of all pertinent documents
  • Ensuring that the mortgaged properties are regularly appraised and properly insured
  • And, in the event of default, to institute foreclosure proceedings, take possession of the mortgaged properties, and apply the proceeds from the sale to the payment of taxes, assessments and the lenders to the extent of their pro rata participation in the collateral pool.

Facility Agency Services

For large corporate borrowers, China Bank – Trust Group can act as facility agent in behalf of the company’s creditors/noteholders.  A facility agent we will provide the following services:

  • Monitoring compliance and coordinating with the Issuer, Bookrunner and Noteholders in relation to the performance of their respective responsibilities under the Facility Agreement;
  • Ensuring compliance by all concerned with conditions precedent, representations and warranties, positive and negative covenants, events of default and the like;  and
  • Sending notices on any matter to the noteholders/issuer.

Investment Management Arrangement

An arrangement wherein funds and assets are professionally managed by the China Bank – Trust  acting as Investment Manager based on a customized portfolio design that considers the client’s investment objectives, liquidity requirement, yield expectation and risk tolerance, among others.  The client may choose to make all the investment decisions on his own or to allow the Investment Manager to exercise full discretion to invest his assets according to established portfolio objectives.  As an agency arrangement, legal title over the assets remains under the name of the client.  There are two types of investment management arrangement to choose from depending on the level  of investment discretion that the client is willing to  grant to China Bank – Trust :

  1. As an Investment Advisor
    China Bank gives the client advice on various investment options on which basis the client will be able to make the decision on how, when and where to invest his funds, or
  2. As an Investment Manager with Full Discretion
    China Bank is given full authority to invest the client’s funds in the manner which  it deems will  best meet the client’s portfolio objectives.

Whatever option the client chooses, he can be assured that China Bank – Trust  will be with him every step of the way, to provide guidance in making investment decisions and to help optimize the potential earnings of investible funds.

For more details, please call Trust Group - Business Development Unit at (632) 885-5878, 885-5867, 885-5862, 885-5858.

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