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It's hard to be apart from your family, but sometimes, that’s what it takes to give them a good life. If you’re a Kababayan working abroad or about to be an OFW, we can help you make the most of your hard-earned money. We offer China Bank Overseas Kababayan Services, a range of reliable, secure, and competitive products and services for your remittance, savings, investment, and consumer loan needs.

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Before you work abroad or when you come home for a vacation, visit any China Bank branch to open an Overseas Kababayan Savings (OKS) account, a zero initial deposit and maintaining balance ATM account which you can leave with your beneficiaries.  Having an OKS account will encourage you and your loved ones to save, it will also help you improve your money management skills, and best of all, it will make sending and receiving money easier and safer as remittances can be directly credited to your OKS account.  Your beneficiaries, in turn, can conveniently use the OKS ATM card to withdraw the remittance from any ATM in the Philippines or use the OKS ATM Card to pay for groceries or other items at BancNet-accredited stores nationwide.  You can also enroll your OKS account in China Bank Online for free for easier monitoring of the account anywhere you are in the world.

An OKS account is a good way to save for the rainy days, but for potentially higher returns than regular savings, we offer a range of Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs).  Investing on your own can be time-consuming and requires a good appreciation of various financial instruments and the investment environment. We can help you choose the right UITF that matches your investment personality. UITFs are open-ended pooled investments which the fund manager—in the case of China Bank UITFs, China Bank Trust Group—invests in various types of securities with the aim of maximizing returns within reasonable risk levels. “Open-ended” means you can invest or redeem your investments at any time, subject to the UITF guidelines, and “pooled” means China Bank Trust Group puts your money together with money from other investors and uses it to invest in the fund’s underlying assets.

We know that the sacrifice of working abroad, enduring home sickness, is a price you are willing to pay to provide for your family.  With our HomePlus home loan and AutoPlus car loan, we can help make the sacrifice worthwhile by making it easy and affordable for you and your family to  have your very own home and a vehicle for your family’s use or for business.
HomePlus is for the purchase of a lot, a house and lot, a townhouse, or a condominium unit. It is also available for house construction, renovation, or to refinance an existing loan with another bank. AutoPlus loan is for the purchase of brand new and second-hand vehicles, or to reimburse the cost of a brand new vehicle purchased within 30 days. Enjoy low interest rates, affordable monthly amortizations, and flexible terms.

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