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China Bank On Time Remittance Card

Experience the convenience of sending your remittances through the China Bank On-time Remittance Card – a reloadable cash card that functions as an ATM card and purchase card.

Initial Deposit Requirement

Minimum Maintaining Balance

Minimum Initial Load

Access Points

  • ATM
  • BancNet POS
  • TellerPhone


What can your beneficiary do with the On-time Remittance Card?
The On-time Remittance Card has 2 uses:
As an ATM Card

  • Withdraw at any China Bank, BancNet, Megalink and Expressnet ATM Nationwide
  • Pay bills                                                                 
  • Transfer funds to a China Bank or BancNet Account

As a Purchase Card

  • Shop at over 5,000 BancNet POS terminals in the Philippines

How to apply
A remitter can apply by sending a remittance via the On-time Remittance Card at selected remittance partners abroad.

Text Notification
Your beneficiary will be notified of the remittance and the availability of his Red On-time Remittance Card through SMS or phone call. The Red On-time Remittance Card can be picked up at the designated China Bank branch in the Philippines.

Higher withdrawal limit of P30,000/day using China Bank ATMs.

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