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China Bank Mobile Security

Security Features

  • OAC (One-Time Activation Code), 6-characters (alpha-numeric) sent to registered e-mail address on initial login.
  • OTP (One-Time Password), 5-digits (numeric) sent to registered mobile number to initiate transactions.
    *Currently, only local mobile numbers will be able to receive the OTP.
  • Session expiration
  • Email/SMS alert for every successful transaction

What if I forgot my password?
To request for new mobile banking password, follow the steps below.
Step 1: Click on the Forgot Password Link
Step 2: Provide your mobile banking User ID and your registered E-mail Address. Click Continue.
Step 3: Input your assigned OTP (received via SMS through your registered mobile number).
Step 4: Access your registered e-mail address and open the e-mail from CBC.MOBILE to view your default/system-generated password.
Step 5: Go to the CBC Mobile App login screen and input your User ID and default/system-generated password.
Step 6: Nominate a new mobile banking password.

Does China Bank Mobile Application send SMS and email alerts for any transaction performed by the user?
Yes. China Bank Mobile Application automatically generates SMS or Email alerts to notify the user each time a successful transaction is performed.

What if my mobile device gets lost or was stolen?
If the mobile device that was lost or stolen is your only device registered, (1) You may call the bank to request for the temporary deactivation or (2) if you have another mobile device, you may download the CBC mobile app to the new device and de-register your old mobile device by performing the following transaction:
Step 1: Login to your mobile banking account
Step 2: Go to Settings Menu and select De-Register Device
Step 3: Select the device to de-register and click Confirm
If you have other mobile devices registered, you may de-register the lost/stolen device by performing the steps shown above.

How many incorrect login attempts does it take before access to the China Bank Mobile App is locked?
The application will automatically lock your access to mobile banking if you have entered an incorrect password for more than 3 times.

If I have been locked out, how do I unlock my China Bank Mobile account?
If you have been locked out,  you may request for a new password by performing the steps in Question#20 or you may call the Customer Contact Center Hotline at telephone number (632) 888-55-888 to request for assistance in unlocking your access to mobile banking.

How often do I need to download the China Bank Mobile App?
You only need to download the China Bank Mobile App once. However, an update may be available from time to time. You may check your device for notification on the availability of a newer version. If an update is available, click the update button on the Apple App Store (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Why does the system require me to enter One-Time Password (OTP) for every transaction I make?
The One-Time Password (OTP) requirement is an additional layer of security of the application that prevents other people from doing unauthorized transactions.

Can my China Bank Mobile App session expire?
Yes. The system automatically logs you out of the application if you have left your session idle for a certain period of time. This is an added security feature of the China Bank Mobile Application.

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