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Your China Bank Prime Mastercard is accepted at over 22 million Mastercard-affiliated merchants worldwide. You can use your Credit Card for in-store purchases by dipping it at point-of-sale terminals or by tapping your Card at Contactless-enabled terminals (for transactions not more than Php2,000) and on online shopping websites. Your China Bank Prime Mastercard cannot be used in gambling sites and casinos. 

Enjoy light monthly payments with China Bank Prime Mastercard’s installment programs.

  • 0% Merchant Installment – Enjoy year-round installment of up to 36 months at participating merchants.
  • Balance Transfer* – Transfer balances from your other credit cards to your China Bank Prime Mastercard and pay in installment terms up to 24 months with low interest rates. 
  • Transaction Conversion* – You can easily convert your straight transactions at non-installment merchants for lighter payment options. Choose to pay in installment terms  up to 24 months at low interest rates.

Enjoy exciting discounts and freebies at participating establishments with your China Bank Prime Mastercard.

Get and accumulate Reward Points for qualified purchases charged to your China Bank Prime Mastercard. Earn one (1) point for every Php25 spent on shopping, dining, and health and wellness or for every Php200 spent on groceries, gasoline, drugstores, utilities, and insurance premium. You can exchange your earned points for Cash Credits and Mabuhay Miles. Purchases made by Supplementary Cardholder/s also earn points and are credited to the Principal Cardholder. To redeem, simply call our China Bank Customer Service 24/7 Hotline.

Share the privileges of your China Bank Prime Mastercard with your loved ones and enjoy perpetually waived annual fees for your Supplementary Cardholders! They can enjoy the same perks you get through China Bank Prime Mastercard Exclusive Deals, 0% installment program, or online shopping. To apply for a Supplementary Card, call our China Bank Customer Service 24/7 Hotline or download the Supplementary Card application form.

Your China Bank Prime Mastercard Principal Card is entitled to a complimentary China Bank-SM Advantage Card2 as soon as you have reached the required accumulated spend on retail or installment purchases. 

The China Bank-SM Advantage Card entitles you to experience all the features and benefits of the SM Advantage Loyalty Program when you shop at SM and its more than 1,000 partner establishments nationwide.

Your China Bank-SM Advantage Card should be used with your China Bank Prime Mastercard, otherwise, it may be suspended/deactivated and be subject to applicable reactivation fee.  It is coterminous with your China Bank Prime Mastercard.

Our China Bank Customer Service Hotline is available to assist you with your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call +632 888-55-888 or Domestic Toll-Free 1-800-1888-5888 (PLDT).

Your China Bank Prime Mastercard is equipped with the following security features to ensure the safety of your Credit Card purchases:

  • Transaction Alerts – Get SMS alerts and e-mail notifications through your mobile number and e-mail address on record for every Credit Card purchase made. This gives you peace of mind because you are on top of your Card activities.
  • 3D Secure – This serves as an additional layer of security every time you transact at participating 3D Secure online merchants as you will be asked for the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile number on record. As such, always keep your mobile number updated by calling China Bank Customer Service 24/7 Hotline.
  • EMV Chip – This is an advanced feature that improves payment security.

To support our green initiative, you are automatically enrolled in our electronic SOA (e-SOA) facility, unless indicated otherwise during application. Your monthly e-SOA will be sent to your e-mail address on record. You will also receive an SMS alert once your e-SOA has already been sent via e-mail.

Remember to always pay on or before the Payment Due Date indicated on your SOA to avoid incurring Finance Charges, Late Payment Fees and to ensure uninterrupted use of your Credit Card. Inform us immediately should you fail to receive your SOA. To ensure receipt, always keep your e-mail address on record updated by calling China Bank Customer Service 24/7 Hotline.

You may opt to pay any of the following amounts:

  • Your Statement Balance as indicated in your latest SOA.
  • The Minimum Amount Due which is the sum of (a) 5% of your Statement Balance or Php500, whichever is higher; and (b) any amount in excess of your Credit Limit.
  • An amount less than your Statement Balance but not less than your Minimum Amount Due.

Finance Charges will not be imposed if you opt to pay the Statement Balance. However, if you choose to pay the Minimum Amount Due or any amount less than the Statement Balance, applicable Finance Charges will be levied accordingly. Always pay your Credit Card bills on time to maintain a good credit standing. Pay greater than your Minimum Amount Due to incur less Finance Charge. The Bank reserves the right to increase or decrease your credit limit based on Bank policies. 

Credit Card bills may be paid through any of the following channels:

  1. China Bank Channels:
    • Over-the-counter at any China Bank or China Bank Savings branch nationwide
    • China Bank Online, Tellerphone, and ATMs
    • Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) with your China Bank Deposit Account*
  2. Other Payment Channels:
    • BancNet Online and ATMs
    • SM Payment Centers, SM Hypermarket and Savemore
    • Select Walter Mart branches


*Applicable to Principal Cardholders only
1Minimum installment amount is Php3,000 or as set by Merchant. Tenor may vary per merchant.
2Please refer to China Bank SM Advantage Card terms and conditions by visiting

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