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China Bank Credit Cards Merchant Installment Program

Merchant Installment

Charge your gadget, appliances, clothing purchases and more to your China Bank Credit Card and enjoy 0% interest or affordable monthly add-on interest rates at participating merchant stores nationwide. Now, you can shop without holding back.

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Note: Merchants have sole discretion on the term/s and item/s applicable for the 0% Installment offering.

China Bank Credit Cards Merchant Installment General Terms and Conditions:

  1. The China Bank Mastercard Merchant Installment Program (Installment Program) is a credit card facility which allows China Bank Mastercard cardholders* (Cardholder) of good standing to pay for goods, merchandise, and services on installment from the installment merchants (Merchant) in the Philippines using their China Bank Mastercard.

  2. The Cardholder agrees that China Bank (Bank) and/or the Merchant may, at its option, require a minimum purchase amount to qualify for the Installment Program. The installment transaction is subject to approval based on the available credit limit of the Cardholder at the time of purchase.

  3. The Cardholder shall be allowed to amortize purchases via Zero % Interest Installment. Subject to Section 6 hereof, the price of items purchased under the Zero % Interest Installment shall be interest free for the duration of the Installment Program. The Zero % Interest Installment is available for selected items for 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24-month terms or as otherwise specified by the Merchant offering the Zero % Interest Installment.

  4. The Cardholder’s availment of the Installment Program shall be considered his acceptance of and agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions and such amendments hereof as may be made by the Bank and advised from time to time.

  5. The first Monthly Amortization shall be billed to the Cardholder beginning on the Cardholder’s next Statement Date and succeeding Monthly Amortization shall be billed every month thereafter until the Total Installment is paid in full.

  6. In case of pre-termination or cancellation of the Installment Program transaction before the end of the chosen repayment period, the Bank shall impose a five percent (5%) handling fee based on the remaining unpaid installment balance or P500, whichever is higher. The unpaid remaining Total Principal Amount plus applicable fees shall be posted back as a regular straight transaction.

  7. The Cardholder acknowledges his liability to the Bank for every approved installment transaction and shall form part of the Cardholder's obligation to the Bank.

  8. The Cardholder agrees that the Total Outstanding Balance including all remaining unpaid monthly amortizations and all applicable fees and charges shall immediately become due and demandable without demand or notice in case of delinquency or mishandling of the account.

  9. All decisions made by the Bank or the Merchant regarding this promotion are considered final.

  10. Terms and conditions governing issuance and use of the China Bank Mastercard are incorporated herein by reference and shall form an integral part thereof.

*DOSRI rule applies.

Frequently Asked Questions - Merchant Installment Program

  1. What is China Bank’s Merchant Installment Program?
    China Bank's Merchant Installment Program is a card feature that allows China Bank credit cardholders to pay their transactions in affiliated merchants in pre-determined installment at a stipulated rate over a fixed term or repayment period.

    "Repayment Period" refers to the number of months you have to pay off the purchase amount. It is also commonly called "tenor" or "term."

  2. Who can avail of installment?
    All China Bank credit cardholders, except for officers of China Bank and its subsidiaries, in good credit standing are eligible to purchase on installment.

  3. What do you mean by zero percent (0%) interest?
    Zero % Installment means that the monthly amortization shall be interest free for the duration of the Installment Program.

    Monthly Installment Amount at 0% interest = Purchase Amount/No. of Months to Pay

  4. Is there a minimum purchase amount for a transaction to be eligible for installment?
    To qualify, cardholders must satisfy the single-receipt transaction minimum purchase amount prescribed by the merchant. Some merchants may allow cardholders to combine several items in order to reach the minimum purchase amount.

  5. What installment terms are available?
    The shortest installment term we offer is three (3) months to pay. Certain stores may offer longer installment terms such as 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. Please ask the merchant your options before making a purchase.

  6. Are all the items in stores available for purchase on installment?
    Our partners determine which items may be purchased on installment. Please ask the merchant your options before making a purchase.

  7. Where can I avail of China Bank's Merchant Installment Program?
    The option to do installment is available at selected appliance centers, furniture stores, department stores and specialty fashion retail shops. Please always ask the merchant your options before making a purchase.

  8. Can I clearly see in my statement of account all installment transactions? My monthly installment amortization?
    Yes, it will be reflected in your Statement of Account as a regular purchase transaction with the monthly installment amount and schedule of payment (e.g. 1 of 12) shown. There's also an installment summary section found after the Transaction Detail section of the statement, which will show all active installment.

  9. If I cannot pay the monthly installment amount for the month, will I incur penalty charges?
    If the Cardholder chooses to pay only a portion of his Total Amount Due as indicated in the Statement of Account, the unpaid portion of the Installment Due shall be subject to the monthly finance charge at the prevailing rate of his/her card type. Usual late payment charge applies.

  10. Can my supplementary card get items for installment?
    Yes. Please note though that all installment purchases made by your supplementary card shall be posted and/or charged to your credit card account.

  11. How much of the installment amount will be applied to my available credit limit?
    You do not have a separate credit limit for installment thus the entire installment amount will be deducted from your card's available credit limit. Your available credit limit will be replenished as you pay your total due amount each month.


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