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China Bank Prime Mastercard
Prime The China Bank Prime Mastercard is your “go-to” card. It’s the card that is flexible to your needs, giving the extra boost to manage your finances and more value to your spending.  It makes your day to day more exciting and extraordinary.
China Bank Platinum Mastercard
Platinum The China Bank Platinum Mastercard is your ultimate privilege lifestyle card. It’s the card that allows you to experience life’s wonderful surprises, to shop, dine, and travel to your heart’s content.
China Bank World Mastercard
World The China Bank World Mastercard is the card that gives you world-class privileges, taking luxury to a whole new level. It provides the widest spectrum and access to highly exclusive lifestyle and events, global perks, VIP lounges, and your own personal concierge – The China Bank World Concierge.

To know more about what the China Bank World Concierge can do for you, please click here.


Your China Bank Mastercard is EMV-compliant for enhanced protection against credit card fraud, giving you more peace of mind in every swipe.

Mastercard Contactless
Your transactions are as easy as Tap and Go with the Mastercard Contactless payment technology. No need to hand over your card, swipe, or sign on a charge slip on small purchases up to Php 2,000; simply tap your China Bank Mastercard on contactless-enabled point of sale (POS) terminal.

Global Acceptance
Your China Bank Mastercard is accepted in over 22 million locations worldwide, such as retail outlets, ATMs, and online shopping sites, where you see the Mastercard logo.

Mastercard Global Services
Get emergency assistance on lost, stolen card reporting, emergency card replacement and cash advance, or even locating the nearest ATM, virtually anytime, anywhere and in any language using Mastercard Global Service Toll-Free numbers in the country where you are currently in. Click here to view the complete list of Toll-Free numbers.


To apply for your China Bank Mastercard, you may visit any China Bank branch near you or you may download and accomplish the application form and send it to along with scanned copies of the documentary requirements enumerated below.

  1. Fully accomplished and signed China Bank Mastercard application form. You can also download the application form here. (Note: Please do not leave any field blank on your application form. Indicate "N/A" if not applicable.)
  2. Proof of Identification (at least one Valid Photo Bearing Government issued ID)
  3. Proof of Income (e.g., latest Income Tax Return, latest 3 months' salary payslip, certificate of employment, business registration)
  4. Valid credit card/s with tenure of one year and issued in the Philippines
  5. For Non-Immigrants and Embassy employees, aside from requirement above the following document should also be submitted.
    • Photocopy of unexpired passport or visa
    • Alien Certificate of Registration/I-Card (ACR/ICR)

Important Notice

  • Applying for a China Bank Credit Card is free of charge. China Bank does not charge application or processing fees.
  • China Bank does not employ agents to solicit credit card applications. It is best to submit your application directly to any China Bank branch near you.
  • For any concerns, you may call our Contact Center at 88-55-888 from Mondays to Sundays, 7AM to 10PM.
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