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China Bank for the last 97 years of its journey served as a partner in the wealth creation of its customers while helping the nation as well in building a strong and sustainable banking industry. As China Bank seeks to create a more adaptive banking landscape for its customers that generate shareholder’s value while protecting the stakeholders, we are utilizing a sustainable reporting model taking the ESG framework as a guide. Towards this commitment, highlighted in our Annual Report our key performance indicators on environmental and social activities and our good governance policies and practices.

Deeply rooted in the way China Bank conducts its operations is a culture that regards its communities and the environment with as much importance as it does its business. This culture is embodied in our innate sense of obligation to give back and in sustainability efforts aimed at creating value not only for our shareholders, but more importantly, for the nation and for the environment.

We are able to integrate environmental, social, governance- corporate social responsibility by motivating our employees to extend personal goals beyond the workplace and share a part of themselves with the needy through community-nurturing programs. We likewise partnered with our customers, various community groups and charitable organizations to deliver aid to disaster victims. We joined a global initiative called ARISE or Alliance for Risk Sensitive Investment spearheaded by the United Nations Office for Risk Reduction (UNISDR) which aims to create risk-resilient societies by boosting the private and public sectors and other stakeholders to deliver the targets of Sendai Framework. This is a 15-year global roadmap that seeks to curb disaster mortality and economic losses substantially.

Because we believe in how education can open opportunities that will help people improve their lives, we partnered with the Department of Education (DepEd) in Region 3 to give assistance to public school teachers and non-academic staff.

China Bank Savings launched the Easi DepEd Loan and the Affordabundle DepEd Loan which both offer easy-to-avail and low interest loan to this market.

We continue to support the programs of several charities, foundations and associations that represent sectors and communities close to our hearts. We endeavor to promote  education through our investment in the Child Sponsorship Program of CFC-ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor, a ministry of Couples for Christ). Through this program, we are able to help provide for primary and secondary education of selected children of indigent families. We also continually give our share to sponsor students under the Ateneo de Manila University scholarship program, as well as for the education of deserving children of our own employees through the Dee C. Chuan and the Gilbert U. Dee Scholarship Funds.
Our partnerships with these organizations demonstrate to our employees how we want to cultivate a culture of meaningful giving. As such, our branch employees nation-wide have continued to volunteer, assist and build goodwill in their own communities by helping in various fundraising projects, medical missions, and sports and cultural events.

Our ongoing “Going Green” campaign aims to encourage our employees and customers to adopt and promote environment consciousness and sustainable working and living habits. Thus, we practice measures that promote resource and energy efficiency, and minimization of environmental hazards through various conservation strategies. To know the measures we take to ensure the success of our Going Green campaign, please click on the "Environment" icon below.

Despite our growing workforce and operations, we continually pursue initiatives in all branches, aimed at minimizing power, water, and paper consumption, as well as to reduce waste.

China Bank has a comprehensive environmental, social, governance- corporate social responsibility strategy that outlines relevant social and environmental programs and practices tied up with our business strategy and the bottom-line--a structured approach where value generated by our operations should benefit our shareholders as well as the communities that we serve, our business and social partners and our employees. To view our schema for our Environmental, Social, Governance- Corporate Social Responsibility Framework, please click here.  

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