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SSS Payments Advisory

Please be advised that starting March 1, 2020, SSS will strictly implement the Real Time Processing of Loans (RPTL) for Loan Payments. 

Related to this, BancNet will initiate the following activities in eGOV:

  • Disable filing and payment of SSS Loans from February 17 to February 29, 2020.
  • Cancel SSS Loan Payment transactions that are not fully approved by February 17, 2020.

Nonetheless, all SSS Loan transactions that have been initiated and fully approved on or before February 16, 2020 will still be processed by BancNet.  Clients are therefore advised to approve all SSS Loan Files on or before February 16, 2020.

Target availability of SSS Loan Payments via eGOV is March 1, 2020.  Meantime, clients are advised to remit SSS loan payments with PRN through SSS branches with over-the-counter/tellering services.

(Note, however, that filing and remittance of SSS contributions with PRN via SSS eGOV is unaffected and will still continue to be available to clients.)

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