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Board Training


We have a full orientation for newly elected directors of the Bank. Aside from attending the required 8-hour orientation training requirements of the BSP and SEC, they are provided with an Orientation Kit containing their Duties and Responsibilities as a Director, China Bank’s Corporate Governance Manual, Code of Ethics for Directors, Retirement Policy, and the charters of the committees where the elected director is a member of, among others.

Continuing Education

Our directors are knowledgeable of their duties and responsibilities and are sufficiently familiar with the Bank's operations and business environment, up-to-date with the market developments and regulatory changes through Compliance briefings on recent issuances on monthly basis. Continuing education is important for our Directors, because aside from keeping them up-to-date, they become more competent and attuned with the changing regulatory landscapes thus making them prepared for decision making and in facing strategic issues and challenges as the Bank continues to grow.

To enhance our directors’ governance skills and keep them informed on an ongoing basis of matters and issues that impact the Bank and the industry, we have a continuing education program that includes unrestricted access to corporate information and management reports, regular company and market updates, periodic briefings, and annual governance seminars facilitated by an SEC-accredited institution. They also attend external trainings offered by the Bankers Institute of the Philippines (BAIPHIL) and Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), among others.

Attendance to the corporate governance seminar is mandatory for all our directors.

Please click here to view the List of Trainings Attended by the Board of Directors.

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