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About China Bank
About China Bank

Commitment to clients’ success

A Matter of Trust - A China Bank Story

Founded in 1920 by entrepreneurs who understood the value of a peso, the importance of keeping one’s word, and how crucial a bank’s support is for a businessman, China Bank has been on a mission to be a catalyst of wealth creation for its clients—men and women, who, like the founders Dee C. Chuan, Albino Sycip, and the other visionaries of the era, have integrity, business savvy, discipline, humility, and an appetite for hard work. For over nine decades, the Bank carries out the same mission, building strong, lasting, and fruitful banking partnerships from one generation to the next.

Many of China Bank’s clients demonstrate how much hard work can achieve and how big dreams can come true, like Henry Sy, Sr., the humble immigrant from Fujian who sold goods on the sidewalks of Carriedo and used diligence, vision, and some timely assistance from the Bank to build a business empire; John Gokongwei, who supported his five siblings by buying and selling rice, clothing, and scrap metal, then worked his way up from small scale trading to big manufacturing with the help of China Bank; and many more entrepreneurs and visionaries who in ways big and small make the Philippine economy’s wheels turn.

But China Bank is not just a businessman’s bank. Through the years, it has been the right banking partner to a lot of people—a bank that provides a young professional with savings and investment options, that helps a couple become car owners and home owners, that gives sound financial advice to a retiree, that is an ally to a hard working OFW and his family. China Bank continues to expand its branch network and electronic banking channels, building and sustaining strong relationships with customers by being very accessible and offering banking solutions that are relevant to them and responsive to their needs.

Indeed, China Bank serves a diverse clientele and is glad to have played a part in their success, and grateful for their unwavering trust and support.

For the last 95 years, China Bank has been growing, improving, and evolving, but even with the passing of time and the changes in leadership, the founders’ commitment to clients remain: "Your success is our business."

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